About Us

Feild Co-Operative Association was organized November 12, 1919 by the sons of the late Dr. and Mrs. Monfort Jones of Kosciusko, Mississippi, for charitable, educational, and scientific purposes. The name “Feild” was chosen to honor the founder’s mother, whose maiden name was Sallie Thomas Feild. The fund was given freely, wholeheartedly, and absolutely by the Jones family.

After six years’ experience in financing the education of students, the Association in 1925 established a REVOLVING STUDENT LOAN FUND which is designed to be self-perpetuating. The success in achieving this goal depends on the cooperation of every borrower in paying loans when due. THESE BORROWERS MUST FULFILL THE TRUST WHICH IS THEIRS TO INSURE THE CONTINUOUS OPERATION OF THE ASSOCIATION. Loans are made to supplement other funds available to students, but never to cover all expenses.



Secretary / Treasurer & Director of Student Loans

Student Loan Assistant